The guest curator for this collection is a friend Diāna Spurīte.  This is what Diana Had to say about the experience.

"I've had a great opportunity to pick a selection of a nature photography pieces for your gallery. Being a massive nature and art lover, it provided an amazing chance to have an insight in someone else's adventures and experiences in similar settings to mine. Different moods of images gave a boost to my imagination and creative thinking. Having a chat surely reminded the importance of connections with nature. There's so much beauty in getting up and going into unknown, instead of choosing usual and we'll know routes with "dry" destinations. It is evident that ones well being improves when being in the nature. I think you're only truly IN the nature of you LIVE in it and aren't just traveling through to reach a certain destination. Getting lost can be considered truly negative only if you don't have a time for it, but in reality it will shift your focus on the surroundings, making you SEE what's going on around you. Experiencing the nature can be enhanced when you are "lost" as the instinct to find "safety" will be aroused. Stay sensible though!! Trees and paths, plants and streams, moss, flowers, grass and even cracks on stones... the wind.. soil.. Sun on your skin.. not even mentioning all the creatures you can meet on the way.. It all will be part of you and you will be the part of it all!"