I decided to have guest curators choosing images for a page on my site.  The first victims were Leo and Anna Brazil of the Band Birds and Beasts . They were asked to choose 50 animal shots.
"As a band we have a passion for animals so looking through and selecting the photographs for our guest curation was both fun and also really hard. Robert told us how difficult he finds choosing between photographs to feature; we completely understood this as we find selecting which songs to play at a concert hard as well, it is tough to choose between something that is a part of you and to which you are so close. 
We love playing our music and telling the stories of animals through songs, the pictures we have chosen are the ones that speak to us; each image tells a story. Animals can sometimes become just part of the scenery but to us they each have their own personalities, stories, thoughts, feelings, struggles and triumphs. 
In the modern digital age it can be easy to become disconnected from the natural world; we feel it is important to remember we inhabit this planet with other creatures. Although we have had such an impact on the world we also have a shared history with other beings; they are part of us and we are part of them. We reflect human qualities in animals through our music and we see a lot of that going on in these photographs as well. 
It was a great honour to select some images from Robert's fantastic work and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did. We would be delighted to collaborate further in the future as we continue to evolve our musical menagerie. 
- Birds and Beasts are the answer to a question that nobody ever asked but everyone is curious about the answer to...
'What if David Attenborough was in a band?'"