About Robert Norbury

I am an opportunist photographer who lives and works in Brighouse West Yorkshire England.  I photograph by instinct I react to the environment whether I have placed a person in the space for a commission or I am wandering. My aim is to make a nice design on the page but I do believe that the impulse to photograph is driven by memories.  I have seen it all before, I snap it and show it to you for the first time. 


This website has a self curated or random collection of pictures from my ouevre which will change periodically.  


I am a digital person. My life is conducted on phones and computers so if you want to see lots more of my work you don’t have to look far. There are links below to The social networks where I publish work. 


I first studied photography at Batley School of Art and Design.  I have sold fine art prints worlwide. My photos have been used in the publishing industry at home and abroad.  In 2011 I won the Hoppe portrait competition at the National Portrait Gallery. I have exhibited alongside famous photographers including Paul Hill and John Blakemore.


I live my life through the internet.  Please explore it on social media using the buttons at the bottom of this page.

Portrait of Chloe Mason by Robert Norbury Freelance Photographer Brighouse west Yorkshire



Timothy Soar the architecural photographer had this to say about Robert..

"Robert Norbury has an extraordinary eye. His gift, as properly it should be considered a gift, is his capacity to release the shutter when heart and subconscious mind are in perfect union. What Norbury sees, that which Norbury responds to, the world that informs Norbury, most of us can only wonder at. 

The internal narrative that is illustrated in this story book of photographs is as complex and surprising as a fable by the Brothers Grimm. The machine in Norbury's hand is more than a camera, it is a magical box that sequesters the essence of a sinister tale, an other world, a parallel existence. Here apprehensive figures dart across landscapes, glimmer from window frames and iridescently illuminate dark shadowy places, or wait to captivate the viewer with a baleful gaze. Norbury better than understands this surreal and absurd world, he inhabits it completely with the assuredness of a storyteller".




Big Brother, New York by Robert Norbury Freelance Photographer Brighouse West Yorkshire


The City of London from Parliament Hill by Robert Norbury Freelance Photographer, Brighouse West Yorkshire